1998 Graduate Saint Paul's College BS Criminal Justice
Congratulations Scholarship winners!!
Kendall Johnson
2018 - "TJ" Memorial Scholarship in the amount of 
$1,200.00 - Hermitage High School

Kendall explained that public service is her calling.  She is a mentor and led a student group of female mentees. Kendall is excited about attending college and will major in a program that allows her to continue her public service and work in the community. Kendall is an inspiration those she meet.
Alyssamarie Baltodoano
2017 - "TJ" Memorial Scholarship in the amount
$1,200.00 J. R. Tucker High School
Alyssamarie has a passion for helping others and desires to continue her education through a college degree.  She has an inspirational story about her life and goals.  We are praying for her continued success and know she will have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Aaron Tyler Rochkind 

2016 - "TJ" Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1,200.00 Deep Run High School

Aaron's goal is to obtain a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice in order to pursue a career with the Henrico Police Department.  He wants to create a lasting positive impact on his community.  Aaron says he is following the foot steps of his step dad who has been a role model and contributed to his passion for law enforcement.  His grandmother was also a firefighter for Henrico County and his grandfather retired as a firefighter with Richmond City.  Aaron wants to help others through his work.

Kerry Price - 2015 Recipient of the Thomas Peyton Berry, Jr. "TJ" Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1,200.00

Hermitage High School

Kerry is involved in law enforcement explorers, an honor student, involved in community activity, and love sport activities like hiking, zip-lining and rock climbing.  Kerry plans to attend Virginia Commonwealth University and wants to dedicate her life to helping people like law enforcement.  Kerry has experienced some difficulties, however, she has managed to overcome obstacles in addition to helping her family.  Congratulations!
Matthew Taylor - 2014 Recipient of the Thomas Peyton Berry, Jr. "TJ" Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1,200.00.

Varina High School

Matthew Taylor aspires to be in the Navy and prepared himself academically and through community work.  Matthew has been inspired to join the Navy since Age 11.  He was in JROTC at Varina High School and loved his work and commitment to serve our country.  Matthew excels academically as well as providing community service. Congratulations Matthew on a job well done as he is the third recipient of the scholarship.
Jade Clark 2013 Recipient of the Thomas P. Berry, Jr. Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1,200.00



Jade graduated from Henrico High School and plans to further her career in college.  Jade wrote a compelling essay about her career goals and community activity.  She impressed us with her dedication to become a nurse and help those who are sick.  Jade also has plans to become a medical doctor.  Based on Jade's academic record and her love and passion to help others, it is no doubt she will accomplish her goals.  

Dina Ayad 2012 Recipient of the Thomas P. Berry, Jr. Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1,200.00

Dina Ayad, Senior Douglas Freeman High School
Picture courtesy of Henrico Public Schools


We  Dina was presented the Thomas Peyton Berry, Jr. Memorial Scholarship in memory of TJ for his service to the community and the Henrico County Police Department.

We The family wanted a fitting way to recognize TJ’s love of service; the family established this $1,200 scholarship as a way to keep TJ’s legacy alive.

T      This  year’s recipient has an inspiring story to tell, as she came to the U.S. in order to embrace freedom and opportunity.

        Dina has a love for this country, a passion for social justice and helping others, demonstrating this through volunteering and academic preparation.

 the The Family thanks everyone for their contributions to the scholarship fund and ask that you continue to give to be of service to someone else.




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