Thomas Peyton Berry, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Officer Berry's Biographical Sketch


June 4, 2003:  Employment date, assigned to the Police Academy


December 17, 2003: Graduated from the 35th Basic Police Academy, assigned to


Uniform Patrol, District - I

December 1, 2004:      Reassigned to

Uniform Patrol, District – II


December 22, 2004: Advanced to First Class Police Officer


October 12, 2009: Became a Field Training Officer


December 5, 2009: Advanced to Senior Police Officer



                  Awards and Recognition

Officer of the year, awarded in 2005 by the Varina Puritan club

 Mothers against Drunk Driving awarded in 2005 for the most Driving while intoxicated arrest             


           Other Awards

— Life Saving Award                                     — (2) Citations                

Community Policing Award

— Letter of Appreciation