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Celebrating Together

Hello son you are a grand dad, Peyton is Thomas Jr. first born daughter. 

Thomas, III graduated high school and got a full ride to college to run track.  He has grown up to be quite a tall young man as well.

Your son Braxton graduated high school and got a full ride to college. He is tall as well.

Ethan has grown into the tallest young man, you would be looking up to him.

Your Princess, Jasmine, celebrated her Sweet 16, it looked like it was a celebrity celebration for a sweetheart.  She also graduated high school and attended college.  She is a super hard worker.

Philip Corbin Berry graduated from George Mason University on May 18, 2013.  Philip did it in four years.  Philip received a BA in Communications.  Now he has to face the world and find a job.  You would be so proud of him.

October 2011 - Sylvia M. Berry Chaplain for the Henrico County Division of Police

TJ's Mother, Rev. Sylvia M. Berry volunteered and was selected as a Chaplain for the Henrico Division of Police.  Rev. Berry was selected after application and an extensive background check.  Rev. Berry desires to give back what was given to the family during the time of TJ's tragic death.  Rev. Berry believes God always has a plan and will carry the torch in TJ's memory through her volunteer service. 


Friends and Family Gather to Say Happy Birthday on What would be TJ's 35th Birthday!

TJ's memory will live on in his family and friends.  What a remarkable young man!!

Everyone is holding balloons to realease after favorite songs and prayer!

TJ meant so much to so many people.  As we release the balloons they move toward heaven!!

The Balloons are Released!!!!
We all miss and love you TJ!! We released 34 blue and one white balloons.  The sun came out and shone brightly around us as though TJ was looking on with a big smile.
Celebrate TJ's Birthday Memory
On Saturday, September 24, 2011, 34 blue and 1 white balloons will be released at TJ's gravesite at 4:00 p.m.
Davis & Associates Volunteer with the Marines in Honor of TJ's Memory

Davis and Associates personnel volunteered at the US Marine Corps Marathon Crossroads 17.75K.  This day of service was dedicated to the memory of fallen Henrico County Virginia Police Officer, Thomas Peyton Berry, Jr. 

Davis and Associates Man the Water Stations

The race honors the 1775 establishment of the United States Marine Corps. Davis and Associates personnel manned the water stations and passed out finisher coins to the runners crossing the finish line.

Davis and Associates Ready for Service

Firm personnel arrive bright and early to set up for the race.

               The Few, The Proud - The Marines

TJ loved his Country and was always cognizant of the sacrifices made by our military personnel.  This day of service was dedicated to him in an effort to continue his important legacy of love of Country and public service.